Meet The Founder


Meet The Founder

I'm Carletha Ward, a gifted Coach and encourager, leader in the Body of Christ, speaker, author, and founder of Legacy Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC. 

I support women who are allowing fear to hold them hostage, to keep them stuck, and who have just "settled" for DAYDREAMING about how things could be, if only...


I have been that woman - from a young age and I know how it feels to live an unfulfilled life, held back by attacks of fear whenever I wanted to take a step into the destiny that is ordained for me. 


I was able to break free from the stronghold of fear and self-doubt and I want to help others to do so, as well.


We were created for purpose and it's time for you to walk in yours. Contact me today to schedule a Complimentary Intro Call.

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