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Meet Carletha...


I'm a "Master Your Mindset" Coach and encourager, leader in the Body of Christ, speaker, author and Founder of LEGACY Life Coaching & Consulting LLC. 

I support women who are ready to experience breakthrough living; ready to shift their mindset to envision success and fulfillment - for what is success without fulfillment? 



...that women live confidently, boldly and authentically, operating in your own truth consistent with your values and purpose. 

What challenges are you facing that you need help resolving? 

What idea for a project / business / book, etc. do you need to process? 

Do you need clarity on your Christian journey? 

Are you living an "Okay" life but in your heart, you desire to do / be / have more? 

I know what that's like. 

I've been that woman, from a young age, and I know how it feels to live an unfulfilled life, held back by so many real and imagined obstacles - whenever I wanted to take a step into the destiny that is ordained for me. 

I was able to break free from those strongholds and I want to help others do so as well. 

We were created for purpose and it's time for you to walk in yours!


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Waterside Women

Life Coaching

My "Why" is to help women experience a mindset shift to break out of doubt, fear of failure, lack of focus and motivation, and shake off the residue of past mistakes. These things stifle your empowerment, challenge, accountability and someone to champion your success along the way.


-Gain Clarity on objectives

-Determine what has held you back

-Commit to the work necessary to breakthrough to Success 

-Be Accountable

-Be You - confident, bold and authentic!

-Celebrate your success! 

Training &


Metamorphosis 2.0 Training (In-Person or Virtual)

Each one of us is born with purpose as it was designed by God. It's an internal desire, a burden to accomplish something. You can try to neglect it, but the desire remains, whether or not you pursure it.  Metamorphosis 2.0 opens the door to help you begin the transformation towards accomplishing your goals. The workshop series includes discussion and drafting an action plan for moving forward on the pathway to success and fulfillment.  

Teambuilding for Small Businesses & Churches

 Workshops designed to help teams develop camaraderie greater effectiveness in accomplishing the mission and vision of the organization. 

Lies You Accept that Keep You Stuck 

(And the Truth to Set You Free!)

It takes a look at some of the tough lies that hold you in a "Stuck" places and deter you from pursuing and accomplishing your dreams and aspirations.